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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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parents for ways to reduce the risk of sids or sudden infant death syndrome. they should sleep in the same room as their parents for the first year, but not in the same bed, and if the baby is held skin to skin for the first hour of life, the risk of sids goes down. the risk also drops 50% if the baby is vaccinated. there's new evidencef for young brains, and a new study suggests that even after immediate concussion symptoms subside in kids, their participation in school and other activities is affected by prolonged symptoms. some of the symptoms can persist for weeks. okay. some of you may remember a stunt this year when we tried to get in on the water bottle flipping craze. it looks something like this.
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>> oh. >> yeah. remember, there was a kid who nailed it? so telling you we did it perfectly off camera. the craze is not dead yet. thanks to duke university's men's basketball team. look at sophomore chase jeter here after being introduced. oh, wait for it. in front of the entire crowd. >> this is a performance. >> does he nail it? yes! >> he made it look easy. >> and the >> maybe i just need to stand. >> wow. >> we're going to try to up the anti. got it? >> i think i don't have the right amount of water. >> i'll try two. >> double? not even close. >> no success. let me try this. can i flip this one?
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here we go. i don't want to break this. or break my back. >> we'll try that another time. >> woah! yes! we need to empty out some the water in that baby. coming up -- >> i'm not good. >> nailed it. >> thank yo deed that's reaching across four states. >> what cameron smalls did with his mother that's helping at least a few other kids bounce back from historic flooding in louisiana, but first -- >> gadgets where you will be seen and heard. it's all here on "world news
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"world news now" weather
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and lysol that. one man dead after scaffolding collapsed in hollywood, florida. firefighters rescued two other men who were painting a mural on a condo under construction. the two men rescued were dangling 40 feet above the ground. firefighte 75 foot ladderment one of the painters is in serious condition. in california, a full-scale investigation to the deadliest highway accident in state history. a dozen people killed after a bus plowed into a tractor trailer. here's the latest details. >> reporter: the search for answers in the horrific collision between that tour bus and a semitruck on this california highway. >> there was no appearance of braking. there were no skid marks from the bus at the time of the
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there were no seat belts on that bus. officials investigating several possible causes including driver fatigue, a medical emergency, or mechanical problems. they are also running toxicology tests on the driver who was killed along with 12 others on sunday when returning from a casino. passengers saying most of them were asleep when the deadly collision happened at dawn. four survivors of the crash remain here in critical condition at this hospital. about a week to complete their investigation. abc news, palm springs. moving on now to a glimmer of hope as parts of louisiana struggle to bounce back from historic flooding. >> so this photo of 8-year-old ethan went viral after his family lost everything in the flood in august, but four states away, another 8-year-old, cameron smalls, was moved by the photo he started raising money for the family.
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mom 2 hours from south carolina to deliver the donations, $4,000 and carloads of toys and gift cards. >> because when you do good things, it makes you feel good, and when you do things for others, god will bless you. >> how cool is that? the mom overwhelmed, telling cameron your mom is raising you right. i'd say so. >> he collected the money going around to churches, police stations planning a visit. ethan is visiting cameron in south carolina. >> quick friends. when asked how long they'll be friends, cameron said ten years, maybe more. >> maybe more. the most beautiful time of the year for bike riding. >> with the early sunsets, social security also the most dangerous. we have the hottest bicycle gadgets to keep you safe.
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? ? with the weather turning cool er us and the foliage turning brilliant, october is the perfect month for bicycling, and fresh off this bike show in
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gadgets to keep you and your bike safe is our giz wiz. >> he cut me off, did you not see me turn or going that way? >> i see where you're going there. i can -- i can see you from afar. with the signals. that's awesome. >> okay. but wait a minute. there's more. >> oh, my gosh. are my taillights on? yes. i'll go back there. there's a way to be seen. >> he's hysterical. that's one of the new gadgets? >> it's $83. breathable, water proof, but wait, there's more. >> there's more. >> now there's a helmet, lights front and back. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is on your handlebar, and when you make tusignals, everyone knows. >> this is for the biker at night in. >> absolutely.
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>> these lights you can turn on and off. >> a little geeky? >> you know, i like it, and i don't have a bike. i use it on the scooter. so this is the helmet. if you don't need all the lights, so maybe this is more your speed. this is from fabric, an f30. this is a belt here, goes behind the seat -- >> oh, okay. >> have it blinking if you want. >> that's great. >> and what's nice about this, it's hard to do bike, but i just did it now, but when you start this will turn bright red. >> oh, okay. >> so the person behind you knows. that's $40. >> okay. lighting making sure you're safe out there. >> exactly. this thing, orp, this is the whale tail, and this is a horn and a light so you will be seen and heard, so if you want the friendly tone, you lift it up.
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>> that's the friendly tone. if someone is annoying you, you do -- >> wow. can i keep that for the set when diane starts laughing? >> i don't think she'll like that. >> or she starts singing. >> and there's an optional remote control for the handle bar if you want. >> okay. >> that's $65 and the little guy is $15. i met a kid, i think he was 12, invented bike tones, and these are a little get out of my way do yours. >> all right. >> that's like church hill downs. >> this is road runner. >> and bike tones are under $20. >> okay. >> and then -- >> this is great. >> biggest name in bike locks is crypt night.
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about it lock. it locks it on both sides. it is hardening steal, a pick proof cylinder. the key goes in either way. >> okay. >> you don't worry at night it's in the wrong way. go in the lock, goes in this way also, comes with three keys, but one is illuminated, leds, and it's covered in vinyl. >> how heavy? for areas, you know, where you don't want to lose your bike or you have an expensive bike. >> i love the name. >> they make one with a giant chape, but i'm afraid we'd scratch the table. >> all right. >> ready -- >> thanks for all of that, and if you want more on the gadgets, check out your website which is?
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? ? there were so many different moves. >> oh, man. it's great, incorporates everything, the new running man. >> oh? >> oh, yeah. >> all right. it i have to study up. >> brush up on it. new music to really old tunes that were actually hits the last time the indians and cubs won a world series. so -- ? ? >> the last time the indians won 1948 when truman was president. the good old days, the year the
2:56 am
the way, and charting on the radio then, "a tree in the meadow," no. 1 that summer. >> oh, it's soothing. >> yes, it is. insomnia song. >> by the way, another fun fact from that year -- >> uh-huh? >> the first land camera on sale for inflation adujusted 893, an it's the year scrabble was introduced. last time the way, 1908, roosevelt in the white house, the american flag had 49 stars, neither radio or television invented, but if you owned a -- this was no. 16 on the charts that year. ? one, two, three strikes you're out ? >> can you believe that?
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the top of the charts then. >> only 14% of homes had bathtubs hooked up to plumbing. >> thankfully jay-z is here this era. going back to the future where there's going to be a special cubs fan in the stands at progressive field in cleveland tonight. >> cubs' superfan, wally, has been to every single one of the last 32 world series, and every time he wears his cubs jersey and cap playing. >> and this will be the first year he'll go to a world series to see his beloved cubs. >> i'll be more than one cubs jersey in the stands in cleveland this time. >> apparently they made fun of him every year, but this year, he laughs, and for those not headed to cleveland, the television coverage of the game, the world series begins at 8:00 p.m. on fox and streaming on
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this morning on "world news now," how the latest polling numbers affect both the trump and clinton campaigns. >> as a number of polls put clinton ahead of trump two weeks ahead of election day, the republican candidate calls the polls phoney and parted a rigged system. looking at the system and why trump is no longer referencing them on from the u.s. air force providing cover for troops on the ground. we go to the center of the battle against isis and how the never-ending violence is taking a toll on families caught in the cross hairs. traumatic images show a plane plummeting to the ground and exploding on impact killing the crew on board. investigators trying to learn what happened to the aircraft that was on a mission to keep others safe.
3:01 am
>> walked into a bar and said, leaf me alone. an evergreen takes a stroll across the crosswalk, but runs into trouble with the law. police hoping the costume confer makes like a tree and leaves, but it doesn't. see how it all plays out on the mix on this tuesday, october 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." it's not every d joke right in the opening show. >> in the open. we're doing that shot, i wonder what branch of police -- >> oh, wow. >> i had to do that. >> the puns are just flowing out of you this morning. >> so sorry. >> we'll get to the ground breaking story on what happened to the man in the tree suit coming up, but we begin this half hour with donald trump set to campaign for the third straight day in the must-win state of florida. >> there is a new national poll to tell you about showing hillary clinton with a five
3:02 am
to 44% for trump, and now trump has a three point edge over clinton among men, and when it comes to women, clinton, however, has a 12 point lead. >> trump is rejecting the polls as phoney. abc's tom llamas is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump telling his supporters, don't believe the folks. >> folks, we're winning, we're winning. >> reporter: trump says the polls are rigged. >> they are by phoney media, and i'll tell you why, all of us are affected by this stuff, and what they do is they try to suppress the vote so people don't go out and vote. >> reporter: on a radio show in charlotte, a rare admission. >> i guess i'm somewhat behind in the polls, but not by much. >> reporter: if trump is sending mixed messages, his campaign manager is not. >> we are behind, and she has tremendous advantages, former president is her husband campaigning for her, the current
3:03 am
president, all more popular than she can hope to be. >> reporter: with the backdrop, he couldn't help himself, bringing up the women accuse in him of sexual misconduct. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be after the election is over. >> reporter: some supporters now pleading for trump to stay focused. this man appealing to trump's running mate, mike pence. >> please tell trump to stick to the issues and beat hillary. >> good luck. >> if anybody can tell him. >> reporter: florida is a make or break state for donald trump, calling it his second home. he has confidence, though, in the primaries, he won 66 out of 67 counties.
3:04 am
hillary clinton is campaigning in florida today after attending a final fundraiser of the campaign. clinton arrived at the star-studded event in manhattan last night with a host of celebrities, kevin spacey and neil patrick harris and stevie wonder performed. it was an early birthday party for clinton who turns 69 tomorrow. president obama is also fundraising in california. he made the case for clinton and railed against trump last night on jimmy kimmel live as well. whip, does her homework, and works really hard. >> and, you know, she's not somebody who thinks the job is about flash and sizzle and making speeches. it's about just getting policy right and, you know, making sure that folks are doing a little bit better. >> the president also talked about getting enough sleep so he's ready if there's a crisis
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3:00 a.m. about people who insulted him. breaking news from overseas. a deadly terrorist attack in pakistan. at least 48 police trainees killed when gunmen stormed a training center and detonated their suicide vests. no claims of responsibility yet, but attackers are believed to be islamic militants linked to al qaeda. one attacker was killed by security forces. crews going to tear down a camp known as the nearly 2,000 migrants were bust out of the town yesterday heading to dozens of reception centers elsewhere in the country. once there, they have to apply for asylum. france hopes to completely clear out the camp by the end of the week. iraqi leaders say the fight for mosul is progressing ahead of schedule with isis fighters under attack from three directions. the u.s. is helping with the mission providing air strikes against isis targets, but also ground support to the iraqis.
3:06 am
up-close look at those american efforts. >> reporter: with heavy machine guns, rpgs, and automatic rifles, iraqi security forces hounded ice sis fighters in villages south of mosul. the u.s.-led coalition striking from above and on the ground. and this is the man in charge of the u.s. ground forces in iraq, major general gary valesky. after dawn, we join him for a look inside the u.s. >> reporter: how much of a problem has isis -- [ inaudibl [ inaudible ] our first stop, a moon scape, the first reporter at this isolated american outpost. we are east of mosul. american soldiers moved in here just about three days ago to help the iraqi partners as they advance on mosul. they are monitoring everything
3:07 am
of the battle playing out. they cleared it completely of isis? >> they moved their headquarters forward. >> reporter: driving along in mine resistant military vehicles, standing ready to strike targets 20 miles away. >> they collapse back to mosul, and the question is how hard will they fight in mosul? >> reporter: the general and i walked the streets of mosul back in 2009 as the city was then isis took over, and now the destruction isis is leaving in its wake is apparent. that is nothing compared to the human toll. villages just south of mosul are also telling their relatives that military-aged men are being rounded up and executed, and that some families are being taken to the center of these
3:08 am
northern iraq. in this country, new information about the deadly bus crash in southern california. investigators say there were no skid marks or other indications that the bus driver tried to brake before hitting the truck which was only moving at 5 miles per hour. the bus may have been going as fast as 65 miles per hour. it purpoturns out the driver wa owner of the bus company and its only driver. he and 12 passengers di. the search in oklahoma is intensifies for a man who kill his aunt and uncle and shot two officers and officials warn he has some sort of disease he may try to spread. >> reporter: michael vance who live stream his get away as seen here on facebook -- >> about to steal another car, like, right now. >> reporter: according to police, is responsible for shooting at least five people,
3:09 am
officers wounded. >> i have two officers. >> reporter: the officers shot in the foot and leg while responding to reports of a shooting sunday night in oklahoma. >> when the gentleman came out with an ak-47 and opened fire on everybody. >> reporter: police returned fire, hitting vance twice, but authorities say the suspect managed to flee that scene after stealing a police car. >> and came over here at this bear creek mobile where he carjacked a lady, shot at her and injured her. >> reporter: and early monday morning, another call for help from a man believed to be the suspect's fifth victim, shot during an attempted carjacking prompting the u.s. marshalls to join the hunt for vance, a 38-year-old with prior run-ins with authorities. he was recently released from
3:10 am
and that accusation might be what set him off. that's according to police who say their investigation is continuing, but at this point, confirming that the two people killed were the suspect's family members. kendis, diane? >> thanks to elizabeth. a new study reveals the toll cigarettes take on the nation's health. more than a quarter of all cancer deaths in the u.s. are caused by smoking. the highest rate arkansas where 40% of cancer deaths were linked to smoking, and kentucky the highest amount for women, at 2 the 9%, and utah with the lowest rate of cancer related deaths. flu shots, customers arrange to have a registered nurse meet them between 11:00 and 3:00 to ad more the vaccine.
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the location including 18 cities and the entire states of delaware, connecticut, rhode island, and new hampshire. >> if you need to get in touch with anyone in cleveland or chicago, do it before 8:00 p.m. eastern because after that, they are busy. >> and drinking. >> glued to the television and beers as the cubs and indians face off in game one of the world series. >> so both teams worked out at cleveland's progressive field on monday, and it's worth noting last title was in 1948, and the cubs have not won the series since 1908. >> and in attempt to break the cubs' so-called curse of the billy goat, a well-known chef cooked a goat. >> oh? >> it was rubbed with spices and smoked for hours. >> okay. so the meat was used for sandwiches, and sold at a popular restaurant in chicago's famous willis tour, and the
3:12 am
>> hoping just making to the world series doesn't show that the curse has been broken, they hope taking down a goat -- >> roasting a goat -- >> takes care of whatever is left, leftovers of the curse. coming up later in "the mix" -- thanks for the sound effects -- a look at earth from space 70 years later. a heart-stopping video of a plane crash with investigators looking for answers. why it was flying ith place. later, the big twist, premier of "the walking dead" gets reactions from fans. we'll tell you why the hit show has fans and actors always on edge. check out the behind the scenes pictures on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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new video this morning showing a the island of malta. the french surveillance plane banks to the right just plunging there right after takeoff slamming into the ground burst into flames. authorities say all five crew members on board were killed. it was going to libya's coast to monitor human and drug trafficking routes. here at home, members of congress call for federal action to ab solve the death of national guard deaths in
3:17 am
and fight in iraq and afghanistan. a decade later? they are asked to pay back the money. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: after serving for two decades, army sergeant robert richmond agreed to go back to war after receiving a $15,000. >> i had a contract, risked my life to serve the contract. >> reporter: ten years after receiving the money, the pentagon wants it back. in the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the entice soldiers across the country to reenlist. extra cash intended for those with skills in high demand, but criminal fraud by a national guard official dispensing bonuses led many in california to receive payments they didn't qualify for. guardsmen like christopher van meter who survived a roadside bomb in iraq received a purple heart, and then notices to pay back $46,000.
3:18 am
>> reporter: in california, roughly 10,000 soldiers told to pay up. 22 million dollars already recouped. the deputy commander said it's unfair, but his hands are tied. >> if we could wave the magic wand, we would. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. the national guard says while they think most happened in california, they are looking whether it happened in other states as well. that roughly 10,000 number could lawmakers are calling for change. something will happen eventually. the bomb shell cliff hanger revealed in season 7 premier of "the walking dead." >> which character or characters met their demise? it's been more than 24 hours how, but still, a spoiler alert made. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
3:20 am
zombie feever gripped the land, and it's not because we're daying from halloween. >> the cliff hanger revealed from the bomb shell season of "the walking dead," and if you have not watched it, it's a spoiler alert. consider yourself warned. >> everybody dies. >> here's more. >> they're all dead. >> this is it. >> reporter: it's back! ? ? after a hanger wondering who faced their death at the new villain, megan -- >> you are it. >> reporter: finally, an answer. >> i'm a man of my word. >> reporter: with not one -- >> oh! >> reporter: but two casualties. fans everywhere -- >> glen! >> reporter: devastated. >> oh, my gosh. >> i can see this is hard on you
3:21 am
overnight, but acting dead is not as lucrative as you might think. many of the show's actors making up to $400,000 less per episode than stars in other hit shows like "game of thrones." >> the constant threat of death or annihilation plays a role in contract negotiations p it has to keep the actors on edge. >> that is a no-no. >> reporter: the executive producer >> anyone you love in the show in a split second could be gone. >> reporter: everyone is fair game this season. >> until then, tata. >> oh, man. so my favorite twitter reaction. hilarious. this guy right here, i'm done with the show. i've always liked game of thrones more. i'm going to watch videos of baby kittens to bleach my eyes. >> i don't know that's a good
3:22 am
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chewy delights. only from tums. we're going to start "the mix" on this tuesday with mystery. 70 years ago, we got our first glimpse of what mother earth looked like. you can see this photo, way back when. it was the first time we saw earth from outer space. it was a u.s. launch, built, by the way, rocket launching in 1946 giving us this first photo. >> different than what we see now. >> yeah. it's grainy. you can't quite make out much. it's fascinating that this was just imagine how much it must have bloep our minds to see this -- >> no kidding. >> way back then, and predated the space race, by the way. sputnik launched in 1957. >> cool. 70 years ago?
3:26 am
man dressed as a tree in the middle of the street? >> what? >> not high-tech, granted, but this was in portland, maine. >> of course. >> a person in the middle of a crosswalk. looks like a prank, but police did not find it funny. they arrested the guy, it's all caught on video in what might be the slowest arrest ever. >> where did they cuff him? >> the man inside the tree is asher wood worth. a friend claims traffic patterns. he has not responded. >> where was he studying it? in elementary school? >> you were doing so well before. lame elementary? >> element-tree. >> oh. >> this video is better just to be seen than to be heard.
3:27 am
he recently opened a chicken restaurant here in new york city, and so his two videos he's uploaded to youtube gained a lot of viewers, and you can understand why. he's just dressed in his underwear. okay. nice banana shot. the 27-year-old is a chef. he's a trained chef, but, you know, for -- >> and people are are watching the video for his recipes? that bowl and a pudding recipe. >> good stuff. very educational. >> yeah. >> and now to a video that you might have to inspect along with us. there's a pub in england that claims they are haunting. >> i see it. >> saying this video proves it. >> the ghost comes in, knocks the mop over, and knocks the danger wet floor over. >> weird.
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this morning on "world news now" two weeks away, election day, drawing near, with many ballot boxes all over the country already open. and as donald trump rails against the media last night, he launched his own newscast. details ahead. breaking overnight, a father jumps to his death while holdi on to his two sons. the children survived. hear how the police tracked them down. new this half hour, extreme weather hitting parts of asia. >> flash floods turn streets into rivers there washing cars away as reds dents try to make it to higher ground. a special presidential edition of jimmy kimmel's mean tweets. president obama dissed about everything from his looks and dancing skills, but wait until the final tweet.
3:31 am
tuesday, october 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we're going to start this half hour with the latest attacks as well as allegations in the race for the white house with the election day exactly two weeks from today. hillary clinton had one of the heaviest hitters singing her praises last night, and president obama made a pitch for clinton and making fun of donald trump on "jimmy kimmel live." >> when you watch the debate and watch donald trump, do you ever laugh? do you ever actually laugh? >> most of the time. >> the president urged everyone to vote and said we have a responsibility, and we can't sit back and complain. >> donald trump is not sitting back either, taking aim as the polls trailing hillary clinton by five points, dismissing them as phony and rig and insisting he's winning.
3:32 am
the host said they were simply by passing the media to take trump's message directly to the american people. >> that followed an appearance on the campaign trail by a critic, elizabeth warren. it's your voice, your vote. here's more. >> reporter: hillary clinton in new hampshire with the one woman who gets under donald trump's skin even more than she does, elizabeth warren, going right to this moment in the last debate. >> such a nasty woma >> get this, donald, nasty women are tough. on november 8th, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> reporter: the massachusetts senator relishing the role of chief attack doll dog. >> he thinks because he has a
3:33 am
within groping distance. i have news for you, donald trump, women have had it with guys like you. >> reporter: clinton herself says she'll no longer answer trump's attacks. >> i debated him for four and a half hours, i don't even think about responding to him anymore. >> reporter: with days to go, confident. in new hampshire, clinton standing alongside senate candidate, maggie, going after her rival, republican senator who called trump a role model for children. she took it back, but clinton says maggie is different. >> unlike her opponent, she's never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >> reporter: the clinton campaign celebrating polls showing her with a lead. the race is tighter in north carolina, and the the campaign
3:34 am
campaigns with hillary clinton for the very first time right there by her side. that happens on thursday. abc news, new york. moving on now to potentially bad news for the democratic nominee. just days before the presidential election, the obama administration confirms obamacare premiums go up sharply next year by an average 25% for some plans, and consumers will only be able to choose plans from a single company. that most consumers would still be able to find plans for less than $100 a month, but donald trump last night declared it's over for obamacare. police in oklahoma now say a murder suspect on the run has some kind of disease he may attempt to spread. michael vance is wanted for killing his aunt and uncle and shooting police officers with an ak-47 and live streamed his get
3:35 am
>> it's going to be intense. >> officials tell abc news his medical condition is believed a communicable disease and urge caution to anyone in contact with him. two new jersey boys in serious condition after their father jumped after an overpass into a wooded area with his boys. the father died at the scene. the police responded to a call from the mother of the children saying her husband took the boys officers tracked them down using the gps signal from his phone. black community leaders in mississippi demand action against as many as four white high school students for alleged involvement in a racial incident. the parents of an unname black teen say those students put a noose around their son's neck, and they say they pulled on a tightly. the alleged incident happened at stone high school in the city of
3:36 am
down the hall or in the locker room and be accosted with a noose around their neck. this is 2016 not 1916. well, he's urging federal authorities to investigate the accident as a hate crime. local officials say they are still looking into the whole matter, and that's why no disciplinary action have been taken as of yet. meanwhile, the wife of su spokesman is suing the chain. claiming subway failed to take proper action against jared after receiving reports indicating his sexual interest in children. he's serving a prison sentence after pleading guilty to child porn charges. she's seeking unspecified damages. subway, however, is not commenting about the lawsuit. extreme weather this morning, parts of indonesia hit hard by extensive flooding. video shows cars dragged along,
3:37 am
java, and homes damaged when the nearby river overflowed. the flood waters now receded. a well-placed traffic highway camera in switzerland caught a scene. >> that car rolling across the roadway, there's no one in it, the guy chasing the car is supposed to be driving it, but he forgot to apply the parking brake. >> woah. plenty of traffic coming up behind him as you can see, but it makes no difference to the driver. he still chased the car until the car stops after hitting a si. damage. the driver was not injured. that was really close. >> talk about lucky. the amount of times someone else could have gotten hurt, he could have gotten killed, the car could have been damaged. >> yeah. >> my brother-in-law did that once, by the way. >> what? >> parked the car, forgot to put the parking brake on, parked where he was not supposed to, and the waiter at the diner ran at us said your car is in jericho turnpike, a busy road, that you don't want your brand
3:38 am
but car completely unhurt, no one hurt, car fine, and we got a good laugh. he still has to hear that story. >> and you relive it for him on tv. coming up, what's shaping up to be the most expensive world series ever. prices for tonight's tickets are $700 a seat, and wait until you hear how much seats are going for game three. >> wow. end of the era for a couple on era night on "dancing with the stars," who got the boot? that's ahead in the skinny, but first, let's take a look at what a beau country. or not. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. care. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs.
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3:42 am
fly to the wall, comes back, fly to the wall, comes back, he has it, and the runners, tag men on first and third, one out. >> have you heard that donald trump is the republican candidate for president? >> what the -- are you trying to kill me again? [ laughter ] >> that is will kim live. >> the 216 against the 312, the inians versus the cubs trying to put decades of pain behind as they open the world series. abc spoke with some of the players. >> reporter: for these two teams to celebrate in october, you'd think a higher power got involved. what do you think the baseball gods are saying about the matchup, the two moscarred
3:43 am
>> probably really happy right now. >> last time you were in the world series was 1945, who was the president, truman orriz eisenhower? >> truman. >> credit cards around? >> no. >> color television? >> no. >> you are three for three. after all the years of misery and curses involving billy goats and foul balls -- >> do you believe in curses? do you believe in the goat? do you believe in steve? do you believe that the cubs are cursed? >> i don't -- no. i don't know. i don't believe in that stuff. i like scary movies, though. >> reporter: still, some guys dons leave anything to chance. >> certain people, you want to wear the same underwear. you don't want to change your underwear out. i mean, you wash it. >> reporter: let's hope so. abc news, cleveland. you got to feel a little bit bad for cleveland in this scenario, don't you? >> because they waited so long to get to the world series again. >> you expect the whole country to be rallying around you, and then you have to face off against the one underdog worse
3:44 am
>> it comes a year after lebron and the cavaliers win a championship, bring a championship back to your city, and -- >> you think the momentum is with us. like when the red sox won, then the patriots won, and the city came forward. well, maybe cleveland will pull it out. we'll see. >> yep. the series is shaping up to be the most expensive to attend in the history of major league baseball. cleveland that has not been in the series in 19 years, and a ticket there tonight starts at more than $700. >> that's surprising it's that low. that's not that bad, but t the dance in 71 years, so understandably, prices for game three in chicago start at? $1900. and average about four times as much as ones in cleveland, and those prices are likely to rise even more before friday's first game in chicago. >> and that's not even counting how much they have to spend and go through to get back and forth to the game, which is going to be its own ordeal. >> good thing is, take the train there in chicago to get to it, but one thing about wrigley field that's cool is there's
3:45 am
rooftops set up so you have, like, a grand stand on top of the rooftops so you could get a relatively cheap seat there. >> everyone is now listing their apartments, getting out of here. >> yep. when we come back, a special presidential edition of mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. >> which couple was booted from "dancing with the stars"? the skinny's next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
? ? the skinny has been quite political lately, but one more time. >> we're almost this. >> we're almost at election day. starting with a special presidential edition of mean tweets last night on jimmy kimmel. >> president obama dropped in on kimmel talking everything, and night's mean tweets. >> barack obama dances like how his jeans look. you know, this jeans thing, this is so old. years ago. come on. my mom bought new conditioner, and it sucks. it's not even conditioning my hair. i blame obama. barack obama, bro, do you even
3:48 am
well, i lifted the ban on cuban cigars, that's worth something. >> and then there was this moment. >> president obama will go down as, perhaps, the worst president in the history of the united states! @realdonaldtrump. at least i'll go down as a president. >> big fan of the drop the mic >> yes. the president also said he's a bit rough on his guests during the commercial breaks. he was having a lot of fun with it. >> it does seem like it, yeah. they go on these things as part of a campaign trip, but sometimes it seems like they have maybe too much fun, like, they just play the jokes back and forth, the stories come out,
3:49 am
>> knew there would be an attack on trump somehow there. >> speaking of dancing, by the way -- >> yeah. >> big night in the ballroom. it was era night on "dancing with the stars." >> last night's standout couple had the 1940s jitterbug. they might be the dark horse after all in this. >> maybe. >> embracing the world war ii era earning them 36 out of 40. last week, one of the judges said he's the best male dancer competitor they've ever had. >> he's been fantastic, and it just -- it's n expect. you know. >> no. >> you see hernandez dance, and you expect her to be good because she's a gymnast. he's a driver. you don't expect that at all. it's been a nice surprise. >> yeah. >> and the runner-up for best of the night? calvin and lindsey with the 1950s jive energetic and tricky too earning a 36. >> one of the things that they pointed out with calvin is it's been years or been weeks since he's been there, and he'd not
3:50 am
few weeks. >> it was nice to have lynn back, wasn't it? >> it was. >> when lynn pays people a compliment, they value it so much because it's so hard to come by. >> because he's so mean. exactly. most disappointing, mary lou and derek with the charleston that hardly looked or sounded like the charleston with both of them out of sync scoring 29. >> what some called the worst dance of the night, a lazy and uninspired 1990s rumba scoring a 28 for ryan and sheryl. >> they were not last, but close. a 28, and at least some props were their fiercely demanding song, "you give love a bad name", but it was not enough to avoid elimination. >> well, i'm so proud that i lasted this long. i really didn't think it was possible.
3:51 am
>> yeah. they all say that on the way out. >> next to hollywood a-lister doing a good deed for man's best friend. >> orlando bloom in china while filming a movie rescued an injured dog he found abandon octoberon the streets of shanghai. >> took the pooch to the vet and helped with shaving and bathing the little guy, and, of course, documenting it all on snapchat. >> once the cleanup was done, the little dog got much needed rest. >> that's cute. at home, shaq may have launched a new career. is know the part owner of a krispy kreme in downtown atlanta. he tweeted the news saying your favorite donut got hotter, baby. >> the man known as big daddy may be known as the big donut? maybe? >> i guess. i don't know. they announced shaq is the brand's new global spokesman. >> all right. >> i think it's a plot so he can eat as much as he wants.
3:52 am
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. ditch the misery. let's end this. oh, yeah. ? ? >> there it is. there it is. ? right round ? >> we knew it was coming. ? you spin me right round ? >> are you doing the slow spin dance move? >> ouch. i hit my knee. >> i may have just broken kendis's knee, but we know the song "you spin me right round." >> scores of fans remember the
3:56 am
than life, pete burns, dead or alive, died suddenly at the age of 57. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: 1985 "dead or alive," pete burns is everywhere. and the generation of kids realizes it's okay to be different. burns died sunday. he was 57 years old. along with the likes of boy george, they blurred gender lines greatly expanding the definition of cool forever. ? do you really want to make me cry ? >> reporter: the culture tweeting, one of our great es centrics and a great part of my life. burns was known for his appearances on reality shows like britain's big brother. >> how old were you when you did it? was it recent? >> reporter: and he became
3:57 am
face. you were a beautiful man, why change? >> i see myself as my own clay. i was remodelling it. >> reporter: i interviewed him about his plastic surgery obsession. >> what are you underneath? >> i'm not going to tell anybody that, but what you see on the outside is a complete contradiction to what's on the inside. we're all changing something. you're not stark naked, and i'm not untouched by the syringe. >> the procedure on the lip in >> i'm clever in what i use now. i get bored and need a change. >> reporter: burns died, according to his manager, of a massive cardiac arrest. i'm nick watt for nightline, los angeles. >> what a transformation. >> yeah. so pete burns was 57 years old at the time of his death. >> apparently, married until 2006, and michael simpson after
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, two weeks left in the election and polls have hillary clinton pulling away. this is donald trump claiming the media for his slumping numbers and launches his own show on facebook. plus, president obama talked about the candidates on "jimmy kimmel live" and reads mean tweets. a deadly park. a malfunctioning ride ejecting the passengers. new details just coming in. an empty vehicle moves down the highway with someone in hot pursuit. so why is he chasing that car? and game one, the field is painted, the players and fans are ready. historians are waiting. the world series gets under way


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